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Intermezzo events

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"Aquellos que dicen que no puede hacerse, no deberían interrumpir a quienes lo están haciendo" (Proverbio Chino)
Intermezzo Events is born from the need to offer different kind of entertainment for any type of events. Besides lyrical or classical music, any sort of musical ambience, shows or performances, from the most conventional to blues, folk, rock, DJ’s or even mergers of all the above.

As the Anglo-Saxons say “Name it”, and we will make it true. We will offer you many possibilities in order to cooperate for your event –personal or professional- success. From small meetings, non-formal reunions, gala dinners, Conferences, or exhibitions, our experience allows us to work at any venue or with any idea, to achieve the attendees and guests have their best time with our proposals.

Our goal is to reach the perfect feeling in each occasion, and by those means we contribute with our experience in management. We accomplish each moment to be special, no matter if it is with background music or with a show as a focal point of the event. Intermezzo Events professional team will help you out to make it real so the guests will not forget.
Donostia Ibilbidea 17 • Astigarraga 20115 (Gipuzkoa) • Tel: 943 404 845
Delegación en Madrid: Plaza Isabel II s/n • Madrid 28014 • Tel: 915 160 676