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Intermezzo choirs on demand

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"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknown." Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) American Composer
Intermezzo is a pioneer company in the creation and management of choirs 'a la carte'. We were born with the commitment to meet an existing need: the lack in Theaters, Festivals or Opera Seasons, of resources to strengthen their own choirs or create new ones for specific occasions. We solve the situation, providing that help easily.

Since 2004, we have grown in quantity and quality. With a great number of singers who collaborate with us, since 2010 we manage the Teatro Real Chorus, besides working in most Theaters, Festivals and national Opera Seasons, touring in Europe or even reinforcing choirs in French theaters. In 2011 we obtained the Management System Certificate ISO 9001.

In this time, we have consolidated ourselves in the music sector, without leaving the observation of the environment, both in this area, as well as in society trends. We are committed to improve the culture and music quality. But also with our surroundings. We want to emphasize, through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, values ​​such as solidarity, environmental protection, or teaching music to disadvantaged groups, among other activities.

"We are artists and from a respected artist comes the best and most beautiful work of art:
Happiness; and we will try to share it with all our friends. "
Donostia Ibilbidea 17 • Astigarraga 20115 (Gipuzkoa) • Tel: 943 404 845
Delegación en Madrid: Plaza Isabel II s/n • Madrid 28014 • Tel: 915 160 676