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Intermezzo choirs on demand

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"Music is the most direct art, enters the ear and goes to the heart." Magdalena Martinez (1963 -) Spanish Pied


Hi, I am Mezzo, professional choir singer.
This is my blog

Sounds of february


Sounds of february

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Intermezzo Auditions


Intermezzo Musical Programmes announces Lyrical Auditions in order to update and enrich its database.

Such hearings are aimed at all those opera singers who wish to pursue their profession as a singer in the company of reference in the sector in Spain.

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Our trip to Oman


This is a good way to start our 15º Anniversary

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The 2019 arrives with surprises


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Rèquiem, concert and playlist


In October our choir of the Teatro Real has offered Ein deutsches Requiem at the Teatro Real and in Toledo. In addition, the choir has participated in the concert of Mariella Devia.

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